Yoskar ola dating scam chemical vs dating carbon

I came upon information on Internet that a leader of one of the largest scam groups in Yoshkar-Ola was arrested and several groups of scammers have been caught. Yoshkar-Ola is known as the main Russian center for dating scams. Organized groups trying to scam money post introduction profiles on different sites, use photos of incredibly beautiful women, and write letters of love from their name to the potential foreign bridegrooms. Gullible grooms regularly send money to fiancé for visa, tickets, insurance, learning English, as well as for their troubles and troubles of their relatives.

Receiving the money leads to an end of any further communication. If you meet the girl of your dreams on Internet, try to get more information about your charming acquaintance and instead of sending money visit her home city and meet her there.

In this case, the gang used a team of female students, fluent in English, to write to him and even chat on the phone, pretending to be besotted with him.

Two of the men behind this particular scam - Sergey Chetverikov, 22, and Oleg Yelsukov, 24 - have now been brought to justice and are serving three years in prison.

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) Viktoria Konevskikh Viktoria Krutilina Viktoria Lysenko Viktoria Shkarupilo Viktoriia Konevski Viktorija Semionova Viktoriya Viktoriya Chemous Viktoriya Ivanova (Kazan, Russia) Viktoriya Kalinina (Kirovograd, Ukraine) Viktoriya Kamaneva Viktoriya Stroeva Viktoriya Yurko Viktorya Alexandrovna (Kremenchug, Ukraine) Viktoryia Burenok Viktoryia Siaminova Violetta Davydova Vita / Victoria and Natalya Kovaleva (St Petersburg, Russia) Vlad vlada ivanova Vladislava Tkachyova Vlasova Olga Viktorovna Volha Bolbat Voltrina Our site is a free access website where any visitor can make a scam check or leave a comment about a person (possibly a russian scammer) whom the visitor got acquainted with through the online dating agency.DISCLAIMER: This page is compiled from Russian Brides Cyber Guide visitor's comments only.All messages posted tell about personal experiences of their authors, and not necessarily reflect the position of Russian Brides Cyber Guide PLEASE NOTE: Photos used in most scams belong to other people.She wrote very personal but in the style of an elderly woman.There were many contradictions in her letters, so about many things concerning Irkutsk.

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