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Keep a backup of the Developer Profile on from the Xamarin Build Host's Mac, because if the private keys are lost, all the certificates and provisioning profiles will need to be regenerated.Warning Losing the certificate and associated keys can be incredibly disruptive, as it will require revoking existing certificates and re-provisioning any associated devices, including those registered for ad-hoc deployment.Apple requires you to have a signing identity to build your code for device or simulator.Important It is important to note that you can only have two i OS Development certificates at any one time.If you have a free account, please take a look at the Free provisioning guide for more information about on-device testing.Development certificates and associated keys are critical for an i OS developer: they establish your identity with Apple and associate you with a given device and profile for development, akin to putting your digital signature on your applications.

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In Apple's official documentation the terms You are now ready to upload this updated distribution provisioning profile to Apperian so that you can re-sign apps that were signed with the previous version.

In the last article, you learned how to create an App ID from the Developer Member Center.

Now we're going to use that App ID to create a Distribution Provisioning profile to code sign your app. To start, we need to generate a Certificate and we can do that inside of Xcode.

Click here to see the process of creating an App on i Tunes Connect.

Once Xamarin.i OS has been successfully installed, the next step in i OS development is to provision your i OS device.

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