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It will be much more interactive since he will be answering questions submitted by the audience.” What better day to come speak to a group of college students about their love lives than Valentine’s Day, you ask? I’ll even go so far as saying that my problem goes beyond the fact that we are expected to take relationship advice from a middle-aged man who is nearing his seven-month anniversary with his girlfriend. I do, however, have a problem with the sheer timing of this event.

It is no coincidence that the doc is scheduled on Valentine’s Day.

The smaller the campus, the more likely this is to occur.

Plus, if you have many mutual friends, a bad break up often forces people to polarize and side with one person or the other.

For your dating profile photo skip the candid shot your Dad took of you with your sister last holiday.

It can truly upset the balance of friendship between those who are sucked into the fray as collateral damage.

HC: If you run into your ex-boyfriend at a party, how do you avoid an awkward confrontation?

A visit to his website, shows that David, “has been honored 13 times as The National Speaker of the Year – 10 times by Campus Activities Magazine and three times by The National Association for Campus Activities and was honored as the 2011 National Entertainer of the Year” – an undeniable accomplishment, and an honor for Canisius to be able to host such a talent.

SPB event coordinator Felicia Trinka explained that Coleman is not an unfamiliar face to the Canisius campus.

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