Women make decision dating biblical standards in a dating relationship

Indecisiveness is a common trait among many people.But little did we know that there is an underlying cause to this slightly annoying habit. To actually understand indecisiveness, you need to remember that people who are indecisive are not really interested in their own final decision.

If you feel good about your decision, just go with it.

If it makes you doubt yourself or makes you feel bad, leave it alone.

Explain this to your partner and tell them whichever feels less stressful is the right one at the time. You cannot change a person, but you can help guide them to become better at the things that make them weak.

Dealing with an indecisive partner takes a lot of patience.

If you have very little of that, you better start training yourself to have more. Your partner may be having doubts about their decision because they have a firm grasp of what the outcome may be.

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