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The two didn't become a couple until 1995, when Will was going through a divorce from his first wife, Sheree Zampino.

Will and Zampino were separated at the time, and Jada later confessed that she wishes she hadn't started dating Will until the divorce was finalized.

In an interview, Will referred to Jada as the leader of the family.

"Just like in my house when I was growing up, I knew that my mother was the center," he shared.

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After over 20 years together in the Hollywood spotlight, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are still going strong.

"If Mommy is straight, then everybody else will be.

I am very clear at home that Jada’s physical, mental, spiritual health and comfort comes first." about their apparent open marriage.

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This does NOT mean we have an open relationship..means we have a GROWN one."The couple's New Village Leadership Academy School closed in 2013 due to allegations that the school was steeped in Scientology, with parents complaining about the alleged religious slant and curriculum.

They said they "were both humbled and honored" to take on the role. We are still together, and our marriage is intact.", Jada said the couple would mark their 15-year wedding anniversary with a particularly understated celebration. But usually on our wedding anniversary, we give ourselves a high-five and go, ‘We survived another year, homie! ’" In a 2013 appearance on Huffington Post's Facebook Live, Jada addressed the open nature of their marriage.

, the couple called their marriage a "business plan." Will said, "If you don't have a purpose for your relationship, if you don't have a place that you're going, something that you want to accomplish, something that you want to do, you can really get lost in the murk of the journey." Jada added that they had to merge their "two independent visions" together as one. She said, "I've always told Will, 'You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay.' Because at the end of the day, Will is his own man. He has to decide who he wants to be and that's not for me to do for him.

"I was starting to wean Jaden, and I'd only had one cycle, so I thought I had some time.

Then I got my surprise," Jada told , which was a sitcom loosely based on their family. During that same year, they founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, which helps develop educational projects and family welfare for inner city youth.

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