Who is tasha smith dating

Though, Tasha being an actress is more famed on the media than Sidra.

The producer, Sidra has worked in the many TV series including Tasha Smith has not experienced motherhood till now.

Also, Tasha and Sidra were raised by a single mother.

As same as Tasha, her sister Sidra also works in the Hollywood entertainment industry as a producer and writer as well.

Although Tasha married in the past, she does not have kids.

Though she had to battle many years of life to get to the peak of the mountain on which she now stands, Tasha, an American actress, producer, comedian and a model made her strides to the top with determination. Education One's journey is sometimes wrongly perceived by many, when the destination looks glamorous.She was previously married to Keith Douglas back in 2010 and divorced on December 2015.Camden born actress, Tasha was raised by a single mother, Monique. Tasha was very passionate about acting since her childhood. Williams are now taking their relationship to the next level by sharing photos of themselves on social media for their friends and fans to see.Tasha Smith of "Empire" has lived quite an interesting life, having undergone a lot of challenges throughout the years.

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