Who is rapper trina dating now

Now, word on the street, the reality star is dating rapper Trina.This is a relationship I never saw coming nor do I believe it. Something tells me this is a publicity stunt and we will see Trina as a love interest for Erica on the hit reality show.The 44-year-old rapper is dating Raymond Taylor who is 16 years younger than her.Before getting into the relationship, Trian and Raymond have been good friends for a long time.Then she was approched by Trick her to work with him in Aside from music, Trina appeared in numerous films and television series as supporting roles.

She has a son, she needs to be a mother to him and stay clear of any relationships.Erica and Bow Wow had a very messy break up which they aired on social media.Erica is no stranger to dating women, a couple of seasons ago on Love and Hip Hop, she dated Cyn Santana but broke her heart after she began dating Bow Wow. I just can’t justify these two in a real relationship, something fishy about these two, Trina has admitted to being bisexual in the past, allegedly she dated Missy Elliott.The two were spotted snuggling before Trina’s LA Pride day performance. It seems that being bisexual is par for the course, if you are not bisexual, then there is something wrong with you.I, personally can’t see all that swapping vagina for d$ck when I’m sure they aren’t using condoms.

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