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But she gave up her hobby in order to pursue acting. “The fact that the show combines horses and acting,” she said, “is really amazing.” FIGURING THINGS OUT TOGETHERBecause Timmins already felt comfortable with horses, “getting to act scared was much easier,” she said. The actress developed even stronger ties with her co-stars. “You create a bond when you’re filming because you work such long hours.”After filming together in Toronto, Canada, and at the Glenarm Castle in Northern Ireland, the cast formed a deep connection.

“I had a lot of fun portraying that, and then also getting to portray Kit overcoming those fears.”Kit conquers her fears with help from her fellow students and an unruly horse named T. Now they have a long-distance relationship, Timmins said.

Timmins, on the other hand, was ecstatic when she learned that she would be working with equines. “[The director] would even have to come in and say, ‘No, it needs to be wilder.

This girl is not only young and talented, but she’s also got an adorable personality. “I actually did have a little experience with horses prior to filming.

I went to a horse-back-riding summer camp for a few years when I was younger, and anytime my family went on vacation we’d often find ourselves doing a horse-back-riding outing together.

I’m experiencing so many things for the first time.

Seeing the episodes together, being able to share it with my friends and family, getting to do all kinds of fantastic promotion and interviews like this one.

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