Who is darren aronofsky dating

Screen queen and Dior darling, Jennifer Lawrence, has a tendency to get candid when it comes to things like her love of pizza and her borderline-unhealthy obsession with the Kardashian family, but one thing she almost always keeps quiet about is her love life., Darren Aronofsky.Though the two never boasted of their relationship on social media or in interviews, there were a few red carpet glances and paparazzi shots of the pair that confirmed they were very much in love. Aronofsky and Waterhouse — one of those people that the upper echelons of some intense PR firm keep trying to make *happen* — were spotted braving the icy terrain of Park City, Utah on Tuesday. So naturally, the 48-year-old director is flitting about Sundance with a new young blonde on his arm: 26-year-old Suki Waterhouse.

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The actress explained on the podcast: The two ended their relationship this year, but it seems that Jennifer still holds a flame for her director-ex.

His parents are Jewish and regularly took him to see Broadway shows during his childhood, while his sister was a pro ballerina.

Initially, Darren was interested in biology and travelled to Kenya to study its animals, before going backpacking across Europe and the Middle East.

The filmmaker is also an activist and the father of British actress Rachel Weisz's son.

Here's the scoop on the critically-acclaimed director...

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