Vba example updating a text box

In no time at all, you can customize your text box to suit your needs.Filtering a list is a powerful & easy way to analyze data. Wouldn’t it be cool if Excel can filter as you type, something like this: Let’s figure out how to do this using some really simple VBA code.You can drag any of the handles at the four corners or sides to to resize the box.The rotate handle at the top of the box (the circular arrow) lets you rotate the box.RELATED: To format your text box, there are a variety of formatting options on the “Format” tab on the Ribbon.To apply text box styles, point to a style to see what it will look like. Next, begin exploring other formatting options like Shape Fill, Shape Outline, and Change Shape—all of which are also available on the Format tab.

You can also change how (and if) regular document text wraps around your text box—just like you can with any other shape or object.Text boxes let you emphasize or bring focus to specific text in a Microsoft Word document.You can choose from a variety of preformatted text boxes, or draw and format your own.They’re great for adding things like pull quotes, or even for laying out text and images on things like flyers.Word has a number of predefined text box styles you can use, or you can draw your own.

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