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With computers, this kind of behavior can be disastrous.

If an application is expecting one type of data, giving it another type of data may result in an error or even a crash (as you may have already experienced with your ASP. Input validation is the process of making sure that the user provides the correct type of data.

You'll also look at examples of creating your own validation routines.

Today's lesson will cover the following: Imagine going to school to register for classes. If you tell him that your name is "56," he's going to wonder if you're telling the truth.

Let's examine a typical situation that requires user input validation. NET page that allows users to enter some personal information.

This listing uses a few Web controls to display a user interface.

Eventually, you'll need to take personal information from the user, such as her name, e-mail, billing address, and so on.

You must ensure that this information is accurate, or the order won't be processed correctly.

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When the input has been validated beforehand, you know that your add operation will succeed.If any of the information is formatted improperly, you need to alert the user to the errors in the input (done with the statements) and allow her to fix them before inserting the results into the data store (by simply redisplaying the page). However, this can get quite complex because you often have to check for multiple cases on each input.For example, for the first name, you have to check that the field isn't blank, doesn't contain any numbers, doesn't contain spaces, and so on.Detecting invalid input is vital for presenting a solid application.Input validation also provides benefits for developers—specifically, coherent data.

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