Validating rpl assessment tools

Anyone who gets a nationally recognised qualification, RPL or otherwise, must earn it. It's the frustrating reality for many people who want RPL in most qualifications. There's no escaping the fact that RPL requires an investment of time and effort.Being sensitive to the way information is communicated about the quality of people’s assessment judgements is very important.This process should be viewed as an opportunity to have professional discussions about the continuous improvement of an RTO’s assessment processes, and not used as a finger pointing or brow beating exercise.Therefore, we make no more or less money if you go down the RPL pathway or you don't and our fees don't vary for either service.Whichever you choose, we'll come along for the ride with you and support you along the way. We love helping people get recognised for their hard-earned skills and experience.

When you look at it as a numbers game, it becomes easy to see why it's made so difficult. It's a good question but fundamentally flawed in the assumption that we have a "production line" approach to learning to begin with. We devote time, energy and attention to each and every client who enrols with us, RPL or not.

This is followed by the independent assessment of the user done by the assessor.

Supporting documents for the assessment may be uploaded by the individual applicant in Skillsbank.

Recognition of Prior Learning is a process where a person is assessed against one or more units of competency based on evidence of their existing skills and knowledge.

If you genuinely have sufficient knowledge and skills directly relevant to part or all of the qualification, and you can prove it with evidence, you can be recognised for it and may not have to undertake that part of the course.

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