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When I try to us the custom format of mm/dd/yyyy it doesn't work (interestingly, after I select that format if I click on an individual cell it changes to the right format). Please can someone give me a bit of guidence or link me to a good rescource if missed it in the search. G I am looking for assistance in having one cell in a text format equals another cell that contains a time value in hh:mm format.

For example: Cell A1 has a time format (hh:mm) value of ; which is the Start Time.

eg a time is listed as 1345 with a general number format, and I want it returned as witha custom format of hh:mm.The code works, but it really slows my worksheet down when opening. I know how to make it blank, but I don't really want that...formulas are quite complex already so I'm not sure I want to do it as part of the formula...thanks! Normally I find answers to my excel questions by going through the help tab or by searching on Google. Thanks, doug If I am using sendmail in a simple macro, is there any code I can add to actually open Outlook?However, I don't even know what question to ask on this one!?! Some users of the macro are pressing the macro button and do not have Outlook open so the email isn't sent until they eventually open Outlook!I need to convert these to actual fractions..I can add to equations, allowing me to multiply and add.If I highlight the column and goto "format Cells" and change to fraction, the values still stay in the left of the cell....only when I manually click on each individual cell, then tick the little green tick, does the cell validate, and the value in the cell moves to the right (and is therefore a proper value).....problem is I have to keep doing this for each individual cell....I have 70000 cells in this column! thanks I'm using some basic code below in an on Workbook Open event to format cells with a value less then 2 and less than 1 with a particular color. Code: How do I code a custom format to show 0% as a dash?

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