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Our itinerary for Bukhara outlined dates to arrive, but it turned out we had an old, redundant one – after all that hurrying we were one day early still! Kat’s parents, Ruth and Andrew had travelled a long way and finally, on the date of our anniversary of being apart one full year, and their wedding anniversary as well – we were reunited.We checked into Sasha and Sons’ Hotel regardless and proceeded to sleep away most of the day and night – hidden warm and cosy in our plush, technicolor room. We spent hours talking and sharing and being given gifts!We admired the Amir’s palace, especially its plumes of peacocks.

We met the local football team, investigated the five best restaurants and were given chai and watermelon while shopping at the carpet shop.

She’s slight, with a small scale close knit centre with lots of tawny sand-coloured building and a natural beauty.

Her sand and turquoise theme covered many buildings and monuments: madrases, the Chor Minor, every shop front was richly framed.

We decided to saddle up and push on before nightfall but were thwarted by the altitude of the prices at the two hard to find hotels we visited.

Instead we stopped, we sat in the dust and wondered what to do.

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