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With that link in your clipboard, connect to your server via SSH and download the file with something like wget: This will result in a file called “plesk-installer” with some nasty parameters at the end, several hundred characters in total.

Let’s rename it to something easier and tweak the execution permissions: ./plesk-installer Welcome to the Parallels Installation and Upgrade Wizard!

Not what we want, although you could copy and paste this into a new file on your Linux system.

Instead, right-click on the link and choose “Copy Link” instead.

means that user input is required during the upgrade.

The wizard prompts you to enter various upgrade settings such as the Plesk version, select the components to be upgraded, and so on.

Updates and Upgrades), Plesk Installer Note: From 10.4, you can set up Plesk to apply upgrades automatically once they become available.

In this article I’ll show you how (in Linux – I don’t know much about running Plesk on Windows I’m afraid).

We need to download the standard installer script for this.

It’s a powerful little tool which can also be used to add or remove components from the current Plesk installation, or to install Plesk on a barebones server.

As of 2017 the link can be found here: If you click the option “Download Plesk installer for Linux”, you’ll see the actual script open in a new browser tab.

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