Updating sql views from foxpro cursoradapter

I started to work in project which is designed using visual foxpro,sql sever & this software is customized means we are bayed from other customer & after that in i'm modifying product & using it.here If I understand corretly, you are asking about how to access data in SQL Server from Visual Fox Pro for CRUD operations.

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UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT and stored procedures could also be used in this way.

So I had to come up with samples which could be used by most of you.

For those of you with SQL Server available, I elected to include a series of SQL scripts (included with the source code for this session) which could be run to produce an SQL Server database and all the tables we need for this session.

So the old system will no longer be able to use the data.

You could of course duplicate the data, with one set of data being used by the old 2.x system and the new set being used by Visual Fox Pro.

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