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An Access database consists of one or more tables that contain related information.

Once you've created such an empty database, you could work your way through all of the tables to fill them with information. It's hard to follow relationships between data in tables while you're trying to enter in data. You can design input forms so you can enter data in a logical format The benefit of using your new Access Input Form is that you don't have to find individual fields in the table to enter the data.

So you can write something like this (not the best example, but can help you to get an idea): Consider a simpler approach.

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I update a field in the main input menu that is supposed to be linked to a table, it’s a company name.Forms: Forms in MS Access are the basically used for displaying the item for which you are looking.As forms are objects through which user can easily add, edit or display the data stored in access database.Here's the background: This problem deals with three forms: My Problem - When I click okay on the Project Msg Box form, I would like it to also look up milestones from tbl Milestones_Inf and insert into tbl Milestones.I also need to assign the Project_ID that on the form to the creates. I've tried a few things in VBA but haven't had success.

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