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Its founder Warren Woodford was reached by Linux-Watch and asked him regarding MEPIS’s recent silence.His rather depressing remark clearly sends a negative message to the MEPIS community.Since then, I keep informed on every major development release of MEPIS.A message to Warren: We understand that working as a lone developer like you is not that easy, but think of the thousands of people that have benefited from using MEPIS.“The things in common were hysterical- quoting movies, playing the piano with music from movies and video game theme songs- these were things that crossed age, culture, and all the different barriers,” said Johnson.“When I asked if either of [my MEPI students if they] had ever eaten sweet corn, they both said ‘no’ so I was excited and took them outside on the porch to husk corn for the first time,” said Ruthie Toole.Red Hat scripts won't necessarily work on Debian or SUSE, for example. The instructions on what to look for in the "Make sure apcupsd is Running" section did not at all correspond to much of anything in Mepis 6.0. Yet how do I determine if apcupsd is actually running when I boot into Mepis ?And of course they are very different from Free BSD. In /var/log/messages there was no mention of apcupsd. The messages there read: Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 apcupsd 3.12.1 (06 January 2006) debian startup succeeded Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 Valid lock file for pid=27522, but not ours pid=27597 Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 apcupsd FATAL ERROR in device.c at line 68 Unable to create UPS lock file. If I follow the guideline in the online manual at and do a 'ps fax' I do not see anything referring to apcupsd.

updating on mepis-82

I at least check them to see if they match the other items started at boot time by the OS.

So it requires some hand editing to make such work. Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 Valid lock file for pid=27522, but not ours pid=27597 Fri Dec 22 EST 2006 apcupsd error shutdown completed What does this mean ? Do I need to update to a later version manually, or is there a way to fix this version ? How can I determine if apcupsd has been started correctly on Mepis ? No, that was me trying to manually start it using the /sbin/apcupsd, because I could not tell whether it had been started when Mepis booted or not, and I wanted to see if any error messages occurred if I started it manually.

but I suspect I have more chance solving my problems here instead. I still do not know how I can tell whether it is running or not and, if it is not running automatically when the OS boots, what would be the problem with it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 9 seconds later you tried to start it here. Evidently the manual startup, '/sbin/apcupsd', works fine but the automatic startup is not happening.

I am quite concerned about this as I have been a satisfied MEPIS user when I was still utilizing my older computer machine.

It seems to be the only distro that works perfectly well with that old hardware of mine.

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