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Pages brings every app from your digital workplace together into a central location, making your intranet the place to be that keeps users coming back. The hardware you use for an intranet Web server depends on the intranet's size, the content to be published and the number of people accessing the intranet at any given time.The more the intranet is used for "core business processes," the more redundancy needs to be built into the system [source: Intranet Journal].In organizations where the intranet is a low-priority application, it's OK to throw everything in the same box: Web server, databases, applications and Web page content [source: Intranet Journal].The intranet will play a pivotal role in embedding staff innovation, effectiveness and interaction making sure a community is created amongst all of us.

Pages comes ready with a built-in grid structure, meaning that intranet components are automatically snapped into the relevant columns while you drag and drop.

Our smart structure keeps your intranet layout looking consistent and clean. Pages empowers you to be completely self sufficient, and no longer relying on external developers or designers to customise your intranet.

Target content to employees, whatever their location, department, or role, to provide a completely tailored gateway to the information, communications, and productivity tools they need to get their job done. You can refresh your intranet on a regular basis too, so your system is on-trend and always relevant. Pages gives you the autonomy to build your own bespoke components and add them to your intranet.

The second most popular Web server software is Microsoft Internet Information Server.

As for installing and configuring the Web server in a network, a company must first consider how critical the intranet will be for day-to-day operations.

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