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I took advantage of some recent OWC specials mentioned on xlr8yourmac and the following arrived around one o'clock on a Friday afternoon (September 2006 and it is currently Tuesday Afternoon.): 500GB Newer Tech mini Stack v2 7200RPM HD Powered USB2/Fire Wire Hub Logitech RF USB Wireless 'Click' 3-Button Scrollwheel Optical Mouse Panther DVD set (3.0.3) and a XLR8Your Mac T-Shirt On another page in this section I wrote, "I use a 2x500 G4 running OS X 10.1.5 and Final Cut Pro 3.0.2 because it works." and that has changed, but not by choice.

When I say not by choice, I mean 'most' "FREE" development for OSX 10.1.5 has stopped (for example, Camino), Apple stopped releasing critical updates, and Nobody will give a 'straight answer' when the question, "."; at which point I smile, grind my teeth softly, and slowly back away.

The thin design came with trade-offs in terms of upgradability – a trend that has followed with the other Mac models in subsequent years.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get more out of your Mac from the past 10 years with DIY upgrades. This article will help you find your Model ID: Finding Your Model Identifier Helps You ID Your Mac, Find Right Upgrades Don’t forget to check out our Install Video page for step-by-step guides to nearly any upgrade you want to make.

At the time of this writing (Sunday night), I now have 46 hours 17 minutes invested in downloads. Downloaded, installed current Scan Gear ( and Toolbox ( = worked.

Repaired permissions and immediately noticed Eject and Volume Control now, once again, work from the Keyboard. Downloaded, installed Driver Uninstall utility (Ver. I had a problem with one of my Animation programs that was caused by me. When I attempted to run Light Wave, the famous "Unable to locate Eve3.framework" error message appeared.

2011: The most significant development of the 2011 Mac mini was the removal of the optical drive.

However, a second internal drive can still be added with a Data Doubler kit.

Mac Notebooks: Click here to see how to upgrade any Mac notebook since 2008 2009: While Apple chose not to release a Mac mini in 2008, it came back in early 2009 with faster data and memory and a Mini Display Port.

That being said, plus 'a bunch of other reasons', I installed the mini Stack, new mouse, and Panther.

(btw) The mouse worked on versions OS 9.2.2 thru OS X 10.3.9 (G4) and (Mac Mini) OS X 10.4.7 (I have.) and the supplied software was NOT installed.

The 2011 Mac mini was the first to feature a Thunderbolt port.

2014: After skipping 2013, Apple updated the Mac mini in 2014.

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