Updating d3 database using excel

You may also need to execute the query while 'ab' is running to see the pooled servers working.

Oracle manages the DRCP pool, shrinking it after a specified timeout. The rows with [email protected] (TNS V1-V3) correspond to a running Apache process holding a database connection open.

For PHP, Apache runs in a multi-process mode, spawning child processes each of which can handle one PHP script.

Depending how Apache allocated these processes to handle the "ab" requests, you may see a varying number of rows in .

It is useful for short lived scripts such as typically used by web applications.

column username format a30 column logon_time format a18 set pagesize 1000 feedback off echo on select username, to_char(logon_time, 'DD-MON-YY HH: MI: SS') logon_time from v$session where username is not null; exit There should be two connected users.

This tutorial helps you get started with PHP and Oracle Database by showing how to build a web application and by giving techniques for using PHP with Oracle.

If you are new to PHP, review the Appendix: PHP Primer to gain an understanding of the PHP language.

This can be over-ridden, and the functions used to control transactions.

At the end of a PHP script, any uncommitted data is rolled back.

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