Updating a tomtom

I also have an old Garmin that still works fine, but its maps are outdated.

When they were the only product available they seem to work really good many years ago.If I get a satisfactory response, I will update this post.if not, you won't see any update, I will have a GPS unit from a different manufacturer, and I will continue to spread the word around the internet that Tom Tom is not reliable.Then there have been problems with inserting an SD card for extra memory and, even after formatting the card and using different sizes, have never worked.) Anyway, one question - is it possible to "do the mother of all resets" and how?I travel frequently and my current Tom Tom has let me down so many times, and I've just had to rely on the map on my phone as a short term solution, which is far from ideal. Sorry, this is partially a rant but also a couple of questions in there that I would like answered.

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