Unregistred free chat

The Carriers, Trac Fone, or its service providers, may, from time to time, remotely update or change the encoded information on your SIM card.

You may not use Your Service when you are located anywhere outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or the U. Virgin Islands, including offshore or in international waters.

If you haven't opened an account in the tracfone website yet, open one and register your phone/number there. I don't bother with voice CS, so I went straight to chat.

The rep virtually threw up her hands and referred me to the same blah-blah phone number and pin that your "Rose" did.

My service runs until 9/14 and I have over 3,000 minutes. I look down and the phone says "Unregistered SIM", won't even make a phone call.

These acts violate TRACFONE’s rights and state and federal laws.I figured they would be useless, so I just emailed the highest contact that I know (very high).She couldn't see anything wrong, either, but she actually called AT&T to see what was going on.Improper, illegal or unauthorized use of your TRACFONE is a violation of this agreement and may result in immediate discontinuation of Service and legal action.TRACFONE will prosecute violators to the full extent of the law.

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