Tracey edmonds and eddie murphy dating

In 2008, Edmonds was in a romantic relationship with the actor, Eddie Murphy but after dating for nearly three years the couple split apart in 2012. When most people think of celebrity weddings and relationships, they envision relatively easy-going relationships free of the difficulties normal people are faced with such as financial downfalls.But as it turns out, celebrity relationships are often more complex than most because of the finances, celebrity status, and other surprising issues most people would be able to find a median on.

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Tracey Edmonds was born on February 18, 1967, in Los Angeles, California.

Accounting her personal life, currently, she is in a serious relationship with her fiance who by profession is a comedian, actor, writer and singer.

The two are together since 2008 and are looking forward to getting married soon.

As of now, Edmonds served as the Cheif Operating Officer and President of the company, Our Stories Films.

She has won several awards for her contribution to an entertainment industry.

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