Tips for dating a polish girl

Center and East of Europe is much more attractive to average Canadian not only by its exotics, but because cost of living here is pretty low.

You will probably spend the first few weeks fascinated with each other and experiencing an ‘exotic’ romantic time.

There is an unspoken habit of a Polish woman dyeing her hair red at least once in her life. I won’t say ‘Don’t’, but be careful when moving to be on first name terms.

Unless you assess the situation carefully, this can mean that you are willing to sacrifice people taking you seriously.

Intersperse the words ' Nie Dziękuję' two or three times into the sales pitch and the salesperson will then thank you and end the call. Always be polite and respectful if you are caught speeding by the police, inspected by ZUS or need to explain irregularities to the tax office.

Mention that you admire their work because it is a necessary, but undervalued mechanism in society.

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