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After the annulment was finalized, Murray began dating Kenzie Dalton, a former cheerleader extra on One Tree Hill and the first runner-up in the 2005 Miss North Carolina Teen USA pageant. yes amzii3 here- i sayy no one really knows if he did ....

there have been alot of rumors about him doing it tht might be true but until he comes out and says it it is left at he didnt!!

By way of a lil' background: Sophia and Chad started dating in 2003 after meeting on set, and got married in April 2005—only to get separated five months later and divorced in 2006.

So, obviously Andy wanted to know more—like, who wouldn't?

However, they split because they couldn’t spend enough time together, People Magazine reported.

Most recently, Bush dated Soffer and the two have continued acting together on PD as a couple on the show. News reported that the two ended their off-screen relationship.

But in September 2015, Us Weekly published photos of the two holding hands in New York City.

Five months after the wedding, Bush filed court papers to have their marriage annulled.because chad Micheal Murray wanted a raise and the producers decided not to give it to him because he is a crappy actor!Actually no, Chad Michael Murray is a about to be married to Kenzie Dalton(a former One Tree Hill cheerleader) and she thinks it is not right for him to work with is ex-wife Sophia Bush(Brooke Davis) well, James lafferty (who plays Nathan) will be 25 on the 25 July Bethany joy galeotti (who plays Haley) is 29 chad Michael Murray (who plays lucas) is 29 also hilarie Burton (who plays Peyton) is 28 Sophia bush (who plays brooke) is 28 also also Sophia bush and chad Michael Murray used to be married but got divorced then in 2009 she started dating James lafferty but now she goes out with Austin Nichols…But if i was Chad i would learn how to keep it in his pants.There are some rumours that Sophia claimed fraud as the reason to get divorced because she found out Chad was…

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