Soho speed dating

Theyre ferocious in the sack, plus have stories about partying with The Stones.

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We sent handsome, 24-year-old smooth talker Ben "Cougar Bait" Rodriguez out last week to hotel bars and happy hours around Midtown."People do tell me regularly that I should be a model, but I think its an idiotic pursuit," says the fit, 6-foot-1 Rodriguez. "This affection downpour began after Ben merely slid into an open space at the bar at Del Friscos on West 49th Street and reached across for a stirring straw. " asks the flirtatious Ronda, a nearly 50-year-old wife of a Texas millionaire, breaking the ice with a question nobody really cares the answer to. The young girl turns and walks away, licking her wounds.

Its dangerous business, tracking a cougar - a sophisticated species of female who seeks the pleasure of younger males.

No, better still, get her another cantaloupe martini.

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