Siddharth malhotra karan johar dating

Dating, girlfriends, crushes and crushed crushes…everything was out in the open.

Particularly distasteful was Malhotra, known to be sober, discreet and no kiss-and-tell type, who acted out of character (as most guests do on Karan’s show) letting us know he hadn’t met Alia Bhatt since they stopped dating. When had he ever confessed to dating Alia in the first place? The answer to that question lies in the notorious Hardik Pandya episode. He keeps tabs on all the affairs and never mind if it affects the private lives of those whose names are tossed around.

Reliable sources from Karan Johar’s Dharma Production confirm that Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani are in a relationship. And definitely there is something more than just friendship between them.” Says the source in the know.

What is surprising is Karan Johar’s hand in the relationship.

These days Sidharth Malhotra is busy in the promotions of his upcoming film Ittefaq and recently in a media interaction he discussed his struggle before entering the films.

Sidharth said that "It was not easy to get a Karan Johar's film even I had faced a struggle.

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Since he behaves in a particular way…you know, a bit of a ‘fellow camper’, a bit ditsy and coquettish, that straight heterosexual men tend to get indiscreet and reckless around him, Just to please him.

) Malhotra and Roy Kapoor were invited to remind the world that they still counted, that the show was far from over for Sid and Adi (as they are known in their circle where KJO presides).

How could they not be ‘happening’ when Karan Johar had them over on his show? Once there, Malhotra and Roy Kapoor seemed to have been instructed to just let go and not hold back.

In this entertainment industry everything is possible.

Curiously the tabloids are busy linking Malhotra to Tara Sutaria also.

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