Sexsi lady

There was a time when a woman with a tattoo would have been considered beyond risque, if not disgusting.The looks a tattooed female received were not ones of admiration but of condemnation.

Sexsi lady-11Sexsi lady-76

Another black and white sleeve – this one with a floral theme.

Tattoos have grown in popularity in the recent years to the point that they are almost trendy.

Acceptance of tattoo has come along with the trend, including a much more positive look at women with tattoos.

Anklets used to be all the rage but now it is all about ankle tattoos. The beauty of sexy tattoos for girls is that there is usually sexy involved somewhere in the equation. This is the perfect example of arm sleeve meets classy date night. We’ve all gotten butterflies before, or during, a date. This is an example that simple sexy tattoos for girls exist out there.

This vine and flower piece is a perfect example of the new trend. This tribal piece stays to its side of the room and that is okay.

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