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Prosecutors allege that she put antifreeze in the children's food and choked them both to death.

Psychologist VS Ramachandran testified that due to childhood sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder Montgomery suffered from severe pseudocyesis delusion, a mental condition that causes a woman to falsely believe she is pregnant and exhibit outward signs of pregnancy.According to an autopsy report, the child suffered a fractured skull, several broken bones, bruises and a shoeprint on her chest.In March and June 2010, Leavell-Keaton murdered her common-law husband's children, three-year-old Chase De Blase and four-year-old Natalie De Blase.But speaking of chicks and ducklings – you may have heard that it’s against the law for our neighbors in Minnesota to cross the border into Wisconsin with a duck or chicken on their heads. Turns out this one is another legend that was probably confused because of an old law dealing with a fabric called duck cloth. However, if you do catch a Minnesotan crossing state lines with any sort of feathered friend on their head – I don’t care if it’s a goose, a pigeon or a peacock – your civic duty as a Wisconsinite is to send them back where they came from.Sheboygan – It’s illegal to water your lawn in a way that annoys others.

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