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"Then, you can solve the problem right there instead of having to make another appointment."Under current laws, doctors must be licensed in other states if they are seeing patients outside of their home state on a more-than-occasional basis, according to the ATA.But as technology becomes more advanced, gray areas in the laws are likely to grow, Capistrant said, and doctors will need to be increasingly aware of medical laws in other states.Further, video appointments may change the way doctors bill their patients.

Stuart Gitlow, an associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.Two years ago, his only options were to reschedule appointments or cancel altogether.But now, Smith uses his computer webcam to "see" his patients.And doctors in some specialties, such as plastic surgery, use the technology to extend the reach of their practices by having e-consultations with patients in far-away cities.But nothing can replace real-life contact with a patient, doctors say.

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    But, Bruch said, the research methods could be used for other groups.