Sex and fling chats sites

London-based social media app Fling burned through million in less than three years. The founder splashed out on 1st class flights, Ibiza hotels, and Michelin-star restaurants.

The app struggled after Apple pulled it from the App Store last summer for becoming too sexually explicit.

His father is the multimillionaire founder of Enotria Winecellars, a successful wine business that distributes wine and spirits to bars and restaurants around the UK.

“Marco felt pressure to live up to his father,” said a former Fling employee.

I think it envied what Facebook had become, and wanted to emulate what they had done.” attracted 100,000 UK students within six months of going live, according to Nardone.But the entrepreneur said he had a flash of inspiration for Fling while on a flight to Hong Kong in January 2014, which ultimately led to the demise of the platform.“While I was staring at the flightpath map on my seat screen I had one of those insane moments where my fingers couldn’t type my idea fast enough on Notes,” he told Tech Crunch. What if you could ‘fling’ a private message out to the world, and literally see it fly and land all over a world map – much like the one I was looking at on my British Airways seat screen.The random recipients could then chat and reply to the sender.The app also showed “Flingers” a map of where their Flings had landed.

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