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Indeed, it’s hard to shake the perception that she is not only gaining on Mr. For me, writing and illustration are just a part of my daily life, like cooking. Schuman suffers as well from a perception that he is irascible, guarded and given to loutish pronouncements. “Whether you like them or not, they add to the story,” said Gregory Littley, the director of strategy at ICED Media, a digital marketing firm in New York.

Schuman but also fast becoming the locomotive of the pair, poised to steam past him in influence and clout.“It has already happened,” said John Jannuzzi, a social-media watcher and the recently appointed senior digital editor for And maybe better than he is.”Such assessments would seem to give rise to a “Star Is Born” story line, in which the tutor finds himself eclipsed by his starry-eyed student, a relentlessly eager Esther Blodgett.“It’s true we’re going in different directions,” Ms. Between sips of unsweetened iced tea at the Marlton Hotel on West Eighth Street, just a skip from the West Village loft she shares with Mr. I’ve always been about sharing, communicating, meeting with people.”Social-media watchers ascribe Ms. He has yet to live down his remarks to a reporter for The Globe and Mail in Toronto in 2009. “Garance is pretty happy.”Ill-considered statements like that, though, have yet to stall Mr. More pertinent, perhaps, are the couple’s divergent approaches on the web. You only have to raise your hand to reach fresh figs and pomegranates directly from the trees. But most of the time, laughter finds its way into every crook and crevice.”At other times, she can be comically self-deprecating. Doré her first professional camera, remains her Pygmalion. “I think I’ve succeeded on my own terms,” she said, “though if I hadn’t met Scott, I wouldn’t see the way I do today.” She added, “It’s very important to acknowledge that it’s fine when somebody helps you.”Mr.

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In a story that ran in WWD this morning, the publication mistakenly referred to Garance Dore as Scott Schuman's wife.

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