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It is too easy for those who have never experienced the desperation and sorrow of a failed marriage to believe that “they could have done something to save it.” Let me assure you, the divorced Catholics I know (including myself) are spiritual, forgiving people who are committed to family and to the institution of marriage.And they did all they could to save their marriages.Many parishes offer post-divorce workshops designed for the first months after a divorce. The Church—the institution as well as the individuals—needs to minister to the millions of divorced Catholics by both changing ingrained attitudes and reaching out in love.Yes, the Church is and should be pro-marriage, but, like its Lord, it must also love and support those whose marriages have failed. As the survivor of divorce after 30 years of marriage, I know there needs to be a healthier dialogue within the Catholic Church between those who have never divorced (including our clergy) and those who have.The Catholic Church’s response has been to get proactive about better preparing engaged couples before they marry.

I have been able to move on to a life that is fuller, happier and more creative.

When a marriage fails, no amount of effort, enabling or denial will save it.

It is wrong to ask for details before you support your divorced friend, family member or parishioner.

I have worked through the deep problems caused by my dysfunctional childhood.

I have faced and forgiven everyone who helped shape my early years in negative ways. Yes, divorce was a painful passage to go through, but I am a better person today because of it.

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    "Even if you feel you have become closer to someone via email and phone, you should still remember that this person is largely a stranger to you.

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    Explain that you are still the same person, and that you love them.