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Asimismo, deberíamos conocer las modificaciones que se vienen produciendo en los hábitos de contratación de los seguros, donde el principal factor ha sido el desarrollo tecnológico, fundamentalmente para aquellos productos de consumo masivo.Tengamos en cuenta que la tecnología es importante no sólo para “comprar” y “vender”, sino también para “gestionar y administrar”, por lo que deberíamos alcanzar un equilibrio para canalizar de la mejor forma nuestros esfuerzos y administración de tiempos.Let me unpack this for people Net Neutrality approval, continuation of fracking, killing of the Dream Act, extend police, defunding health care programs etc. I hear stories of kids wanting to drop out of school because they feel they will be deported anyway.

We are the hero's standing up agonist bigotry at coffee house, we are the ones passing on information about legislation, writing emails, organizing our communities we are the mules of the movement taming the monsters by any non-violent means necessary.

What we brought to our homes, follows us into every aspect of our lives, our jobs, schools, religions, Dr.offices and even lies down with us with our lovers at night.

What started out as one monster, (Donal Trump), has now multiplied to Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions etc.

People have buyers remorse and want to take it back to the store ,but all sales are final.

It would be easy to just to shove what we brought into a closet or under a bed, out of sight and out of mind but unfortunately that's not possible.

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