Problem updating windows 8 1

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix available to help you get around this common error.

The command prompt will say “processing 1 of 1” and, after a while, you will be prompted to restart the computer.

There are several ways to recover Windows 10 when your PC becomes not bootable.

Among the top methods are the System Repair Disc, Recovery Partition, and USB Recovery Drive. Earlier, we covered on how to create your own Windows 10 USB installation media using Microsoft’s Media Creation tool.

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Imagine you bought some programs for Photo and video editing, Anti-Virus,...

The other major issue with installing Windows 8.1 is with the patch file itself.

When you try running the .exe, it may throw up an error saying “The update is not applicable to your computer.”The error may come up even if your computer’s configuration matches the system requirements of Windows 8.1.

Something that should definitely be kept in mind is when the final release of Windows 8.1 hits the download servers later in the year, there will be no upgrade path.

In order to upgrade from the preview version to the RTM version, you’ll have to reinstall all of your apps.

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