Pokemon text rpg updating guide

With this method I created a rubber catsuit and a working footpump. PS: As to the footpump I mentioned, I had "Food" set to "Yes", and "Consume" set to "No", so that I could use the pump, fill my belly and not consume the pump.(That would not be a good.) I'd look at different items that have different effects in the Editor, see what kind of cool toys you can make with the codebase : D after that mini-tutorial, modding is really just playing with item properties to see what you can come up with, i couldn't really tell you what to do from here (especially since it's been forever since i've played with it haha) Congratulations on making a game with so much content and lasting appeal.Of course, it's sub-par compared to all the wonderful artists of this site. Just gotta find someway to kick myself into finishing it.I swear, it's like a year, or at least half a year old now... You put so much time into this and it really has paid off.But I want you to have it specifically, because it was you who inspired me to figure this out ^.^ You can also modify a bunch of different things about your character, and probably make custom quests if you have the time and patience to learn how. The game has instructions on how to get your save file! Copy any of the items there and paste it BACK INTO THE INVENTORY, and rename it the number after the last entry. Open up the item you just copied, and it will give you a bunch of attributes. I assume the pink and white n means null, meaning that they haven't yet been implemented (and by the sounds of it, never will be). Generally the attributes' names are self-explanatory but if you come across any that puzzle you I'd back up the file before dicking with it.Also, make sure to back up your save first, just in case anything gos awry. On the left hand side, click the arrow next to "save Game1" 4. The attributes with a green S are strings of text, just type stuff there and you should be good. This should only be done if you have things in your inventory!!You've done a wonderful job and I'm both happy and impressed to have seen it come so far.

Even if they do not reach the same level of complexity as this did. in the candy house part at the very end of it (last thing before respawning) at the bottom it says "you" where it should be "your" i know minor typo ^^; but though i might help since it was asked in the description. -To save it to the desktop, you right click the "download" link below the submission and click "save link as" and you can save it wherever you want. See final update FAQ here: -If you find any bugs/typos, please report them in a comment!The writting is there now we just need to execution of the art and game play together.i think it painful to play something this good an know it will never be finished. i wish noone to come back an finish what he or she started it could of become so much more then it is now.

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