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AC: I’m doing a workout clothing line and branding myself around health and fitness. I work with the Timkatec orphanage over there, and with my line of activewear that I’m starting, I’m working with local artists to help me with the patterns, so it will be Haiti-inspired.So, I like somebody who cares about their health and who appreciates the life they’ve been given and wants to actually give back.A recent article in the Daily Mail describes Paige Young’s life in Hollywood and the gruesome details of her suicide.Many details in that article provide clear indications that the Playmate was a Beta Kitten Monarch slave who was handled by the Hollywood elite.‘For weeks all she could think about was getting hold of that tape, she thought it was going to ruin her.’Young was also a regular at the Playboy grotto where star-studded orgies were known to occur.At the age of 30, which is about the age where most MK slaves start to break down, Young was found dead in an apparent suicide.As long as you’ve got your suit and tie, you are one step closer to being Justin Timberlake in her eyes…or Leonardo Di Caprio. The first time I met Leonardo Di Caprio was at this karaoke bar in LA and he was in a full suit and tie with his hair slicked back. AC: I always meet guys in the middle of a nightclub. One time I mentioned casually that I had never been to a shooting range before and the guy remembered it so he took me to a shooting range. For Playmates, he sees photos and approves them for a test shoot and then there is a team of editors who approve those photos and then Hef approves the final centerfold.He’s not some gross guy who is approving girls who sleep with him.

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All I remember is that their relationship wasn’t healthy.’ ‘Paige was a young thing who was very much taken advantage of by the men of Hollywood, she was intelligent and talented, it’s a tragedy what happened to her.’ ‘She told me about all the men who had abused her.

Ex-model Tamara Green Young while she was “dating” (“servicing” would be a more accurate word) Bill Cosby in 1970.

‘They picked me up at my friend’s house and I remember sitting in the back of a stretched black limo with them both and Bill wanted to score some drugs.

AMANDA CERNY: I think it takes a lot of courage to go up to girls, so if they throw out a cheesy pickup up line that we both know kind of sucks, but they throw it out there anyway to be funny, I think those are the best ones. AC: When I meet somebody without them knowing [who I am], there’s casual conversation and everything is normal.

But then someone will come up and say something like “She’s a Playmate” and their eyes just light up and it changes their whole vibe. Everybody thinks that if you’re a Playmate that you have sex with Hef and that’s how you became a Playmate.

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