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well, it looks like it's only going to be us three this weekend." I gulped, "This weekend?

I won't be home until next Friday." For some reason, it made me stroke faster.

Smiling devilishly now, she said, "Now you get it, don't you Joe?

You see, I now know your wife is kinkier than, even I, expected.

***** Chapter One - Understanding, but Not Dawning This chapter switches back to Joe's viewpoint.

I had no idea you have a submissive, voyeuristic streak either, but you sure as hell do." I reddened with embarrassment that my wife's best friend would know all these things.

She was right though, because the more embarrassed I got, the faster I stroked.

Even more, the filthier the names we used to degrade her, the crazier she got for more.

She fucking blew us both away." With a wink she continued, "It gets better Joe, because you responded much better than I expected too.

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