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"Instilling confidence in her and truly showing her how her future husband, her future boyfriend, should treat her — and teaching her not to accept anything less than that.

That's my mindset every day." Danielle loves to stay fit, but finding time to work out isn't exactly the simplest thing to do when you have so many children to take care of.

It wasn't exactly the best start to their relationship.

They were delivered by C-section at 28 weeks and 2 days.

After two and a half years of dating, Adam surprised her with a proposal and they were married six months later.

It just goes to show that even the sweetest love stories can have humble beginnings.

The Busby quints had to spend a couple of months in the hospital after they were born.

Danielle and Adam had to wait a whole week before holding their babies, so that highly anticipated moment was overwhelming for them. "It's been hard to see your baby in the isolettes, but that moment where you finally get to touch your baby and hold them, there's no better feeling than that." Though, once their babies were healthy enough to hold, a whole new set of challenges set it. I don't want to grab them firmly because I'm scared I'm going to break them," Adam said on The Busbys got more than they hoped for when fertility treatments resulted in Danielle conceiving five babies (they were hoping for twins), but the couple rose to the challenge in spite of the doctors' concerns.

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