Outlook exchange stuck updating inbox Chatbig

Key: Note: As Outlook 2010 an Outlook 2013 can connect to multiple Exchange servers in a single mail profile, there is an additional “Offline Address Books” subdirectory which contains folders with GUID references which contain the actual oab-files.

You're in Outlook using RPC over HTTPS you are in cached mode.

Use Cached Exchange Mode but without OABTo always work with the Online Address Book, even when you have Cached Exchange Mode enabled, you can set the following Registry key and value.

Key: All Users or any other object type such as All Contacts, All Groups or All Rooms.

Even though Outlook is the last in the chain, it is often the first level where the troubleshooting takes place as usually this is where the request is coming from.

And since this website’s main focus is on Outlook, it makes sense to start with Outlook as well ;-).

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