Online dating and flirting websites

The single and looking segment of the online population uses the internet both as a roadmap for the offline world and as a destination to meet people.While 27% have used the internet to find a place offline, like a nightclub or singles event, where they might meet someone, 19% have participated in an online group where they hoped to meet people to date.Similar in size to the pre-date Googling crowd, 18% of internet users who are single and looking say they have searched for information about someone they have dated in the past, compared with 32% of online daters who say they have done this.

While pre-internet perusing might have involved talking with a potential date’s acquaintances, or sifting through a yearbook to find pictures from that person’s past, internet-era searching can instantly reveal a wide array of details about the person’s work experiences, education, and personal life, photos, blog postings, etc.

Since launching in 2001, it has gained broad and diverse knowledge and experience in senior dating industry.

Senior Match focuses on users over 50 years of age, and does not allow members under the age of 30, so it maintains a consistent age bracket for mature members.

Beyond facilitating that initial connection, the internet can help make or break a couple.

While 18% of single and looking internet users have maintained a long-distance romantic relationship with someone online, 9% report breaking up with someone using the internet or email.

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