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Using her natural strengths, we focused on subverting the cliché that women are inferior drivers.

For Mustang Speed Dating, we wanted to show a female stunt driver in a Ford being her authentic self, using skills that break the stereotype that women should be demure, or that women aren't great drivers.

This data can serve the purpose of understanding and analyzing the public mood.

\n The [exploratory kernel here](https:// can be used for a review of the features of the dataset and the [NB-Logistic model kernel](https:// for predicting NYT\u0027s pick can be used as a starter for building models on a range of ideas, some of which are:\n\n1.

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With enough training set for the model, we can make a guess of how a hypothetical comment on a certain topic will be received by the community of NYT readers\u0027 and this can be considered a tool to gauge public opinion.Female drivers are outnumbering male drivers for the first time ever—and Millennial-generation female buyers are outpacing Millennial male buyers by 53 percent.The demographics of the automotive market are shifting faster than traditional marketing can keep pace.Tackling the myth of the bad female driver, we presented an image of a powerful, skilled woman pulling a driving prank on men when she is most expected to be traditionally feminine—a date.Our strategy was to reject stereotypes and just show a woman being an independent, powerful and authentic.

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