Nude pics on dating website

The graph below shows that in August, 2018 there was a significant drop in the number of men contacting us about this scam when compared to the previous five months.

These numbers have stayed lower for nearly four months.

The first man pretends to be an angry father whose underage son was involved with sexting with an adult. We now know WHO is alleged to be responsible for MOST of these scams to extort money from men…

They include a group of criminals who are already locked up and serving time in a South Carolina correctional facility!

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In the months of November and December, 2017 this criminal tricked 13% of his victims into sending money.

“Snapchat is a very hard one for parents to monitor, because the pictures more or less delete themselves.

“Then again, it says it’ll delete them after a couple of seconds, but that’s not always what happens — if they’re quick enough, they’ll screenshot it,” she said.

You will also see that Plenty of Fish (POF) continues to be the dating app most used to target victims (until October), though we have documented the use of more than 25 dating apps and websites by these criminals.

We’ve just added the last voice message sent to us on November 23 by a victim of one of these criminals.

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