No email required adult phone cams

Also remember that those who pledged or more/egg or or more as a flat pledge are entitled to a Starr Ranch T-Shirt. Pete 03-18-19 Egg dates UPDATE: Egg # 1 – 3/8 – a.m. Starr Ranch staff also found fresh tracks by the outhouse today.

If so the email will tell you how to get me your size, address, etc. All good to see because it’s been a while since we’ve noted one here.

I’ve always found it interesting that in a lot of videos I’ve captured of does and fawns it often seems to show a doe with one fawn closely following behind and then the second one scampering to “keep up”. BTW and in general with deer, a doe having twin fawns is more the rule rather than the exception.

Pete 7/2/19 Cougar and Bobcat on the trail cam in the last two days.

And I used Pistachios because I knew it would have to spend some time dealing with them.

I’m also quite sure as this squirrel matures it’ll eventually move on. Pete 08-16-18 It’s dry as a bone here and we luckily dodged being affected by the So Cal “Holy Fire” that has now burned some 22K acres and is around 80% contained. In the meantime about two weeks ago I set up a bigger watering trough because a lot more Mule Deer have been showing up which we haven’t seen in a while (and this was pre fire) and they really don’t have many places to get water.

Amazing since GHOWs are know predators of BNOWs (even though we haven’t seen that happen here much if at all by looking at prey remains in GHOW nests). Early evening yesterday and one of the best views I’ve been able to capture in a long time. Please consider helping Starr Ranch pay for these cams, maintenance and streaming. Pete 03-16-19 Egg dates as of this writing: Egg # 1 – 3/8 – a.m. Perhaps this is due to lack of prey and not his lack of “skill”.I tested and the A/V seemed to work well, but one never can tell what might change…This cam, which you should be able to see right now in the lower left video feed, is at the picnic table area where we’ll have lunch and talk about owls tomorrow.Also make sure that you check back here the morning of June 2 in case there are some last minute changes – like needing to cancel due to rain. Pete 4/22/19 Just a heads up that tomorrow, 4/23/19, from 8AM-4PM PST our power will be out for some maintenance. Pete 04-17-19 Final egg laying and hatching dates/times. – hatched 4/08 between am and am Egg # 2 – 3/10 – a.m.– hatched 4/10 between am and am Egg # 3 – 3/12 – p.m.

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