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I, of course, took the opportunity to have her tell me how fabulous I am and for a moment I felt like some sort of dystopian puppet master.This is the future, after all, that some of Mc Mullen's critics fear.

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When I first met Matt Mc Mullen, Harmony's creator and human chaperone, he planned to launch what I've called the world's first commercially viable sex robot in late 2017.

The sex-robot debate has even made its way to CES, but Mc Mullen remains wholly dedicated to his vision of delivering a sexualized humanoid -- albeit one that could be used for non-sexual companionship.

After demoing Harmony's admittedly corny stand-up abilities, Mc Mullen removed her wig exposing a mess of circuits, motors and wires.

So then if the thing the company programmed it to say is not something I want the chatbot to say, I can delete it's text.

It's been just short of a year since I locked eyes with Harmony, Real Doll's first sex robot, at her home in Southern California.

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