Nelly denies dating ashanti

you look good, it's a different kind of swag, you know when you walk in the room," Ashanti says of how great she feels in Miss Circle's clothes."Your whole aura changes when you know you look good.This is not really news, just about everyone in the industry has fu*ked for some tracks at some point in their career.Even Kim Porter could probably tell Ashanti was Irv’s side deal when she was ridin’ with Murder Inc. The G-Unit frontman fired a series of verbal shots at Ja Rule and his fellow Murder Inc.Records artists during their fall-out in the early 2000s, and Ashanti was mentioned in a number of diss tracks.

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A serene presence among the team is Ashanti's mother and self-proclaimed "momager," Tina Douglas, who, just moments before I arrive, texts me a few smiley face emojis and encourages me to have a bagel from craft services.The US star, real name Cornell Haynes, claimed he was a “victim of false allegation” in series of tweets following his arrest.Let me say that I am beyond shocked that I have been targeted with this false allegation. I am confident that once the facts are looked at , it will be very clear that I am the victim of a false allegation.Vanessa Carlton signed with Irv, you know she has watched some Viagra pill poppin’ already.Earlier this year, rapper Nelly protested his innocence after he was accused of raping a woman in his tour bus, just hours after leaving the stage.

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