Mocospace dating top 1000 dating sites

The Short Version: Before Facebook — or even My Space — existed, the idea of making connections through social media or online gaming was far-fetched.

But Moco Space was one of the first to make the innovation of finding friends — and even dates — through mobile and online gaming a reality.

And finally growing from a website into a downloadable app.

Since ad revenue is based on user traffic, known user-generating techniques often involve user-generating profiles that instigate other users in order to build traffic, delete inflammatory profiles whom they offend, in order to increase the total number of new profiles being created in a given month.

People found Moco Space to be the perfect platform to meet someone special — even on a flip phone.

“Our thought was not that we were launching a dating site, but a site that was a community to find friends with common interests in gaming,” said Justin Siegel, the Co-Founder and CEO of JNJ Mobile, Moco Space’s parent company.

The dating landscape was completely different 20 years ago.

Not only did Facebook not exist, but the world was also still years away from being introduced to Tom from My Space.

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