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From turmeric grown on the sides of dormant volcanoes to vegetables grown on Oprah’s very own farm — yes, that Oprah — Maui’s food scene is defined by both its freshness and a mix of ethnic influences.

Forget the tablecloths and silverware: Maui is all about a hands-on, no-frills approach to food.

Be prepared for an hourlong drive — but at least it’s through winding, picturesque cliffside roads.

Sources tell Hawaii News Now, the sister found the items while searching the area around the Hana Highway.

Try the fried mochi dipped in pâté and other modernized, comfort-food staples like katsu curry and beef stew.

Maui is defined by so many ethnic cultures, it’s nearly impossible to encapsulate them in a single dish — but to many Hawaii locals, the plate lunch might be the answer.

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Bring your appetite, as these won’t necessarily hold on the plane ride home.

For those who want to keep exploring into the evening, check out a variety of nightlife options for Maui after dark.

There is surely something for everyone; whether relaxing or adrenaline-pumping, we’ve got you covered!

Voted “Best New Bar on Maui,” in Maui Time Weekly, The Dirty Monkey is just what the Island of Maui needed!

You can tell that the owners really put their heart and soul into this Front Street remodel.

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