Marvin sapp dating pick up girl online dating

We need to support each other, not crucify one another. His music is very instrumental to many hurting souls.

He has been an open book and testimony for what he has gone through. I agree with the lady who said that if you see evidence of something, there is nothing wrong with calling it what it is.

None of us can say what her personal relationship with God is.

Marvin Sapp has the right to date and remarry, as long as God approves.

It is the Word of God that does the judging ultimately.

but all I know is he's supposed to be a Godly man and from what I've seen on BBW I don't think I would excatly call Imani "Godly".

However, I don't remember her being as rachet as the rest either... If I'm looking at something that looks just like a duck walks like one and quacks like one I would imagine its a duck.

What I do know is the Bible says not to be "unequally yoked" .I hope Mr. It doesn't matter how much a person talk about God and like you said we don't know them personally but what we're seeing with our eyes doesn't look Godly.

Mavin Sapp knows what he's doing and she's not playing him. If she do call herself save and sanctified why be on such a show showing her flesh like that and posting these pics.

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